比起强势打造噱头的想法,我其实构出这环的主要目的,是希望可以以《Siloy 뷰티 이야기》主人身份,与朋友们搞搞 “网上相聚气氛”,让新网页在正式 “开章” 前,先 “暖身一下”,并给读者来点不同的内容。

答应给我写Testimonial的朋友,主要都是与美容文字工作相关联的本地中文媒体界朋友、本地著名彩妆师、美容品牌代理商、美容品牌公关人员,以及本地中文界作家与讲师等人,目的是为了突出《Siloy 뷰티 이야기》中文博客的特色——集美丽、知识、资讯与文字于一身。



蒂雅,《茉莉 Jasmine》时尚美容杂志总编辑

Kres Kuang, 马来西亚著名彩妆大师、KresBIC创办人



Joanne Lee, 马来西亚 Melvita 公关

Elsa Dang, 马来西亚《美丽佳人Citta Bella》主编

邓雁霞,《星洲日报 • 副刊》记者

Li Wei, 本地时尚杂志御用彩妆师




Clarance Boo, 马来西亚 L’OCCITANE 公关部经理


  1. Hi Siloy,
    Found you through Instgram. My name is Sonia from Satsun Time. We are doing natural skincare products and based in Melbourne. At this stage, we are going to launch our Mask Collection. At the moment, we are cooperating with two beauty bloggers to help us to make two videos to promote our Mask Collection, a local and an Asian. But our currenty Asian Blogger has her personal problem at the moment, so we are looking for an Asian fashion/beauty blogger to continue this project. I think you are perfect for us. We are just looking for a lady like you with wisdom, knowledge and being yourself.

    As we did not plan properly for this project, we are running out of time. Below is our requirements for this video. We require a video in 2 minutes length, but it is not limited. I have drafted the things with your own creation to express them out through this video. Please do contact me if you are interested in this project (0476 179 190 or (3) 9041 9152). You can know us more from facekbook and twitter.

    If you happy to take this project, please send me your fee proposal and time frame.



    • Hi Sonia, sorry for my late reply.

      I have left you a message at your Facebook messenger. Shall we contact each other through Facebook? Or email?

      My email: keesiloy@gmail.com


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